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Who are Print Buying?

Print Buying is a well-established broker firm representing a number of leading printing houses in Denmark, Sweden,Germany and Finland. But we also know good printers in Belgium, Austria.

Print Buying is based in Denmark. From our offices in Rødovre we assist a large number of clients in all Scandinavia. We have many years of experience in the printing bussiness and know where you can find just the right printing house for the specific job.

Why use Print Buying?

The benefit of using us is our broad network. We screen the market and find the best combination of price and quality depending on the specific job.

For the printing houses it is beneficial to use us as their sales offices. By using us they save a lot of time and money. For our clients it is beneficial that we work for free, so they can concentrate on their own business while we are working. We simply presents the best possible solution. Free of charge.

If you want anything to be printed ask us. We take care of everything after the digital Artwork. Print, transport, logistic and we can even be at assistance for distribution.

You are welcome to call or mail us at any hour.


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